Monitor your cardiovascular health, uncover underlying risks & keep healthy with MyHeartScore

MyHeartScore App leverages the electrocardiogram technology of your Apple Watch to provide additional insights into your cardiovascular health. An electrocardiogram (ECG) measures the heart’s electrical activity, holding information about the heart rhythms and potential irregularities or abnormalities.

MyHeartScore App provides a health score computed using ECG recordings and some additional data with the following

  • Easy-to-understand: myHeartScore is easy to understand with a well-defined scale between 0 to 100 and clear ranges of rating from low, mild, moderate, to severe.
  • Comparable: You can compare your score with other users of the same age, sex, and similar conditions anonymously.
  • Explainable: After the score is computed, you can identify which ECG features contribute to a lower or higher score.

Detailed insights into your ECG:

MyHeartScore App extends the original Health app reporting more interesting details about your ECG recordings:

  • Visualize your ECG rhythm with its R peaks and time intervals.
  • Understand the variations in heartbeat’s intervals with our Heart Rate Variability (HRV).
  • Inspect all your heartbeats at once to spot their differences with the ECG Cycle Template, which summarizes their general shape in a single cycle.
  • Identify the most relevant waves of the ECG cycle (the PQRST complex) and their average positions in the Cycle Template.
  • Relate your ECG features to your health score.

Manage yours and your loved ones' ECG records:

MyHeartScore App offers much more!

  • Track your current score, weekly, monthly, and yearly progression, and trends related to your previous scores.
  • Keep always visible and easy-to-access the most important ECG recordings according to their score and AFib events.
  • Monitor the ECGs and health of your loved one with the creation of multiple profiles with one single Apple Watch and the myHeartScore App.

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