Smart Healthcare

By utilizing AI technology, we develop personalized medicine and precision medicine for a better health management for everyone in the world.

Smart Manufacturing

Integrating AI and ML, IoT, and cloud computing and analytics into the production facilities, our solution provides the manufacturing industry to enter the Industry 4.0.


Consist of research, software development, system integration and market application that enable us fulfil various needs from different industries.


Build a versatile, flexible, and low-power AI chip architecture. Lead the new technologies in the semiconductor industry.

AI Technology

To accomplish the mission of “Industrialization of AI”, leading to increased automation, predictive maintenance, and self-optimization of process improvements for better decision making, we develop advanced AI technologies:

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Hierarchical Time-Series
  • Neural Networks
  • Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
  • Meta-Learning
  • DNN Accelerator



The I-SWAT®, developed by Inventec, is an “AI Software in Skin Wound”. Being a SaMD adopted deep-learning architectures, this advanced AI solution can be used to analyze symptoms of wound infections designed to help clinicians diagnose patients easily.

AI+AOI Laptop Surface Appearance Defection

With built-in AIO equipment, and AI technology, the Inventec’s Laptop Surface Appearance Defection enable perform higher accuracy and higher reliability in defect detection to optimize the Quality Management in manufacturing.


Come and build the future with us